Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Dad, This week...


This week we watched it rain a lot.  But when it wasn't raining we were riding our bikes or at the park or the school having fun on the playground.  I like to eskercise every day. 

I am so cool that I have to wear my sunglasses indoors....all day.

I made mom laugh with the cute things I said.  Like, "Vessel is beenoying me," or "Oh no, it's broken, but don't worry, I can fisk it."        


This week I got into a lot of mischief.  I really like to play in the toilet and make water messes on the floor.  I also like to climb up on mom's desk and get pens to draw with.  I had a great time using the couch as my canvas.  I also kept myself busy wrestling with Jacob and being a crazy monkey as usual. 


I saw dozens of geese flying in the sky in the shape of a "V" just for me!

At the playground I found the best thing ever: circular monkey bars.  I can just keep going around and around without having to stop!

I love school.  Every day I come home happy and tell mom all the fun thing I get to do.

Today we went on a walk and  gathered leaves, pine cones, and acorns so we could do some nature "research."

We also saw a cool statue.

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