Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date Night

Date night doesn't happen very often for us, so I love it when we get to go out, just the two of us. Mike took me for a long drive on the motorcycle around River Road and then we watched the funniest movie, "Crazy Stupid Love."

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm late posting this, but here are the pros and cons of our recent 4th of July weekend.

Pro: Nice talks with Mike in the car
Con: Long drive for the kids
Pro: Big J's!
Con: Millions of mayflies
Pro: Swimming with Stephers
Con: 6 car pile up on the free way
Pro: Breaking the rules and getting off the freeway onto the frontage road and getting ahead of miles of traffic.
Con: Sunburns
Pro: Island Park was beautiful. It was nice to get away from buildings, noise, and concrete.
Con: Mosquitoes
Pro: Campfire with s'mores
Con: Mosquitoes
Pro: Nature walks
Con: Not finding blueberries
Pro: Chopping down trees like lumberjacks
Con: Blisters
Pro: Junkfood all weekend
Con: Junkfood all weekend
Pro: Parade!
Con: No time to go to the temple like we had planned
Pro: Seeing family
Con: 2 of Mike's siblings not able to make it
Pro: Log fights
Con: 4 year olds getting hurt
Pro: Spending "quality" time
Con: Jacob having attachment issues and not wanting anything to do with anyone other than me or Mike
Pro: Fireworks
Con: Crappy fireworks
Pro: Watching "The Room" with Dave and Karen
Con: Being too tired to finish it
Pro: Lots to do
Con: Not getting more photos of everyone/everything
Pro: Vessel and Aiden were best friends
Con: Having to say good-bye
Pro: Nicest hotel I've ever stayed in
Con: Having to share it with kids :)
Pro: Grandma and grandpa's food at the bbq
Con: Wishing my stomach was 5 times bigger
Pro: Coming home to healthy plants because our neighbor was nice enough to water them for us!
Con: The heat
Pro: "Water, a dollar, ice cold water..."

Stephers with the boys at Rexburg Rapids

Kiddie pool

Jacob loves piggy back rides from Daddy

Nature walks in Island Park

The sibs (Dan's girlfriend Laura was nice enough to take this photo)

Daddy and Jacob at the cabin

Flower found during our walk

More flowers

Aiden's garbage truck cake

Extravaganza for Aiden and Jacob who had birthdays.

Fireworks were so fun for the kids


Parade with the family

Mike and Jacob getting patriotic

Me and my lil' man

Nice hat

Fudge pop

Only picture I got of our entire family together and the boys weren't even looking!

I love KILTS and I love BAGPIPES. Biggest.Turn-on.Ever.

D.A.R.E. kids

Funky shoes


Sparkle Motion dancing to Notorious by Duran Duran (I wish)

Roller Derby!

Teen Princess!

Stylin' Grandma

Jacob with great grandma (grandma drew tattoos on the kids)

Nice tattoo, Vessel


Grandpa washing his dishes



Bailey Boo

Grandpa teasing Vessel


I'll like you if you give me food