Thursday, November 11, 2010


Jacob loves to laugh. And he laughs the most at Vessel. It doesn't matter what Vessel is doing, Jacob just laughs at him all the time. Sometimes it seems for no reason at all. Last night Vessel volunteered to say the family prayer. Throughout Vessel's entire prayer Jacob laughed like crazy. That, in turn, made everyone else laugh. We couldn't stop. And that just made Jacob laugh even more. It was too funny.


Thoughts and musings of my day today:


It's been awhile.

It's wishing day all day today.

I love guacamole.

Remember ska punk?

I want a king size bed.

I hate it when people feel left out. It's sad.

Frozen leftover Halloween chocolate=yummy little treat after dinner.

Drain is clogged. Must be all that hair I'm losing. I might need Rogaine for women.

My freckles are starting to come out. Or are those just age spots?

Remember rubber cement? Ah, grade school....

I like meatless meat.

How hard is it to flush the toilet? I mean, seriously kid.

What am I passionate about? Good question....

Should I have more kids?

New goal=Stop being ashamed


Toss this all together, add some corn chips and cheese and you've got yourself some randomosity nachos.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


First time in the leaves

Not a big fan, apparently, since he's trying to escape.

Me with my sweet baby

Cute red jammies

Bald spot and "bear" bottom


Halloween pics a week and a half late:

We threw an awesome Halloween shindig this year (for adults only.) Food, decorations, music, dancing, games, prizes....It was fun. A lot of stress for me, but still a lot of fun. :)

Here is the hubs posing as Buccaneer Bones.

I didn't get many pictures of the party, unfortunately. But here is one of the couples with their homemade costumes. They rocked!

Emily brought cupcake hamburgers

Terri brought deviled eyeballs.

Here's my little V at the ward carnival

And here we are as a fam. Lookin' goooooood.