Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Dad...

Here I am singing one of the many songs I've made up.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Dad, This week...


This week we watched it rain a lot.  But when it wasn't raining we were riding our bikes or at the park or the school having fun on the playground.  I like to eskercise every day. 

I am so cool that I have to wear my sunglasses indoors....all day.

I made mom laugh with the cute things I said.  Like, "Vessel is beenoying me," or "Oh no, it's broken, but don't worry, I can fisk it."        


This week I got into a lot of mischief.  I really like to play in the toilet and make water messes on the floor.  I also like to climb up on mom's desk and get pens to draw with.  I had a great time using the couch as my canvas.  I also kept myself busy wrestling with Jacob and being a crazy monkey as usual. 


I saw dozens of geese flying in the sky in the shape of a "V" just for me!

At the playground I found the best thing ever: circular monkey bars.  I can just keep going around and around without having to stop!

I love school.  Every day I come home happy and tell mom all the fun thing I get to do.

Today we went on a walk and  gathered leaves, pine cones, and acorns so we could do some nature "research."

We also saw a cool statue.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear Dad, This weekend...

We got some new art for the wall.  :)

We went to 53rd Ave Park with some of our friends.

We had a good time rolling down the hill.  (Check out Jake in particular.  So funny.)

 And then our friends had a sleepover.  

I decided that I'm ready to be "potty trained."  Mom seems excited about my new found interest in the toilet.    

I've been trying to kill myself by jumping off the top rung of the bunk bed ladder.  

We actually got along for a brief amount of time while Vessel read a book to me.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Dad, Today....

     Today we drove mom crazy.  I know we shouldn't fight so much, but we do anyway.  Also, the whining was OOC.  We promised to be better tomorrow.  

     On a happier note, today we went to "Back to School" night at my school.  Mom got to sit in my chair and talk to my teacher while Jacob and I played outside on the playground equipment and ate ice cream bars.  She got to look in my desk and see some of the assignments I've done.  I have a really neat poem book that I can't wait to show you.  First grade is so much better than Kindergarten.  We get to have P.E., eat lunch, have technology (computer class), and we get to have Show n' Tell!  We didn't get to have Show n' Tell in Kindergarten so I'm pretty excited.  I am sad that we only have one recess, though.  We should have more recesses.  

We all got super messy from the ice cream bars, but Haven got the messiest.  Mom had to hose us down when we got home.    


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Dad, Today...

I had to wear my church shoes because I took off my sandals and left them in the shopping cart on Monday (unbeknownst to mama), and mama couldn't find my sneakers. 

After school, we rode our bikes to Montana's Slip n' Slide party.  

I drank two giant cups of Kool-aid without mama knowing, but she soon figured it out after taking one look at my bright red mustache. 

I was nervous about the Slip n' Slide at first, but after a couple of attempts I loved it!

I acted grumpy, as usual, when mama got the camera out.  

 But she captured a photo of me diggin' the Slip n' Slide when I didn't think she was looking.  

I didn't know what to think about the Slip n' Slide.  Meh.  

I did, however, have fun chasing Aayla the dog around the yard and loving on her.  We need to get a pet dog, Dad!  

Before bed we read a lot of books.  And I practiced my letter sounds from my reading lesson.  Don't be deceived by the picture, I was super excited about it. 

We practiced the alphabet too.  It's amazing how well this wooden ABC puzzle has held up after 3 children. 

After the kids were in bed, mama relaxed with a nice, cold one. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Dad, Today...

 Today we cleaned out the fridge.  We decided it was time to throw away your salsa.  Ewwww.... 

I took a good nap while big brother was at school.  I'm mama's best napping buddy.  

Our neighbor Noel brought over some onions from his garden.  That was really nice of him.  

 Here we are holding the onions.  Look at the cool pattern the window makes when the afternoon sun hits it.  

Mom used the onions in our dinner tonight.  

 We ate all our dinner without complaining!  I think we must've been really hungry. 

We got to eat dreamsicles for dessert.  

It was a really warm day so we got to play in the kiddie pool. 

 We ran out of swim diapers, so my regular diaper blew up like a giant flotation device.  I could hardly walk.  It made mom laugh. 

 Here is a cute video of us each doing a "cannonball."

Dear Dad, Today....

We had to go to the grocery store because we ran out of bread.
Some of us ignored the rules of how to sit in the cart.  Mom was not very happy about that.

We made pictures of rainbows and hearts.

We went to Magnolia Park to enjoy the sunshine.
But one of us got injured and then was grumpy the rest of the time. 

One of us couldn't get enough of the monkey bars.  

   One of us couldn't get enough of the water.   

But maybe got a little upset when we couldn't get water into the Starbucks cup we found lying around.  

We got dizzy on the "spinny things." 

But mostly we just fought over them.  

And one of us thought it would be cool to stand up on the swing like a BA. Boo-yah!