Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, I've been getting pretty nervous about this new baby. Not so much about having a new child in the house. I'm actually really excited about that part. The thing is, I'm nervous about the labor and delivery part. In fact, I'm pretty dang scared. Having a baby was one of the most frightening things I've ever gone through. And now I am going to do it all over again! I went "all natural" with Vessel (no pain meds, drugs, or epidural) and I survived and I reached my goal. But that's not to say it didn't hurt like hell. And I have a pretty high threshold for pain. Even to this day, just thinking about the pain again makes me all shaky. I even started crying to my doctor the other day. I don't have anxiety about anything else other than the pain. Now most of you might say, "Just get an epidural then!" Well, I have thought about it. But to be honest, that scares me too. I'd like to go all natural again if possible. So does anyone have any tips they could give me on how to cope with the pain? Any suggestions that might help me?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling quite happy indeed (or, don't rock the boat)

I am eating a S'mores Pop Tart as I type this. I must say, I've missed these things. I don't think I've had one since my college days before I got hitched. In high school I used to think S'mores Pop Tarts were the best breakfast pastry ever invented. I don't know if I feel that way anymore, but this one is definitely hitting the spot. I'm sure I'll regret all the junkfood I've been consuming whilst being pregnant when the time comes to start losing all the baby weight. But right now, I figure, I'm fat already, so who cares? I sure don't. :) In fact, this past weekend I did some scrapbooking (highlight of my life) and found my pictures from the first round of pregnancy. I guess I look about the same this far along as I did back then. I think in the belly region, at least. Everywhere else on my body is bigger than last time, unfortunately. But at least the protruding tummy looks about the same, instead of what I had originally thought. Anyway, this wasn't intended to be a post about pregnancy. I just digress.

So, life has been pretty good lately. Maybe that's just easy to say because I had an exceptionally great weekend. Mike had Friday off because of the Easter holiday. Hooray for Good Friday! So Thursday felt like Friday and we watched movies all night and just hung out. Friday we had a leisurely morning and made the traditional cottage cheese pancakes that we usually make on Saturday. But since it felt like Saturday, why not make 'em, right? Mr. V. was sick though. He put himself to bed like an hour and a half after waking up from his nightlong sleep. His eyes were drooping like a little basset hound all through breakfast. I could tell he wasn't feeling quite himself. He pretty much slept all day. He was running a fever, had some chest congestion, and didn't have an appetite. Mike and I worked in the yard all day while Vessel slept. We finally took out the chain link fence and those horrid bright orange iron post things that stuck up out of the ground. It took a great deal of effort and time, but it's done. The next big project is getting the wretched stumps/roots out of the ground. Blasted things. We'll probably end up renting a mini backhoe or something. I'm sure Mike will love operating some heavy machinery. I just don't know if I'm going to enjoy forking out the money for it. Once we get that done, it's going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Till up the soil, rake it, plant a garden, make a rock path, plant some sod... Mostly easy stuff. The real issue is going to be the moolah.
Saturday, the boy was still feeling quite sick. Still had a fever, but wasn't very cranky. We watched General Conference which was pretty dang sweet. I had been praying all week to find answers to some questions and G.C. delivered. Amazing the way the Lord works, eh? I loved how Elder Anderson said that the speakers aren't assigned topics and they don't collaborate with each other on their talks. They are just inspired to speak on specific things and "Viola!" It felt like many of the talks were made just for me.
Sunday we had a great Easter. Conference, again, was a big part of the day. Vessel's fever broke the night before so he was feeling better. After the conference sessions I made the boys leave the house so I could hide some eggs in an attempt to have some Easter fun. I made it into a little scavenger hunt and Vessel had to find clues that led him to his Easter basket which contained some new spring outfits and some sugar-laden goodness. I also got a little basket of candy and a shirt for Mike. I didn't come from a religious family, so in my house growing up, Easter was not so much about the Savior and the resurrection as it was about the Easter bunny and gifts and candy. Mike didn't have that growing up. So we decided we'd compromise and make sure to focus on Jesus Christ, specifically, but also add some fun stuff too (like coloring eggs and other traditional Easter stuff.) We definitely agreed not to tell Vessel about the Easter bunny. I mean, Santa Claus is more believable than a big rabbit thing that hides eggs, am I right? It's just lame to us, so we decided to forgo it. No offense to you parents who do the Easter bunny thing. Just not for us, I guess.
Below, you'll find some pictures of the boys on their scavenger hunt and some egg coloring fun. Also, gotta love the egg salad sandwiches which inevitably ensue from the egg coloring madness. We didn't boil too many this year, though, since I figured they'd just go to waste.
Anyway, things are going well. I feel like I had more time to spend with my boys. It was nice to have a quiet weekend with just us as a family. Very relaxing. Even though the boy child was sick, it was still nice. Of course, I don't want Vessel to be sick, but in a strange way, I kind of enjoyed how still and quiet he was. I loved holding him and laying close to him and just stroking his hair and cuddling. He very rarely lets me to that stuff to him when he's completely himself. Maybe I should've gone into nursing.
Okay, I need to wrap this up. Hope all is going well for my readers (like all 2 of you :))
Enjoy the pics!

Finding a clue!

"Happy Easter! Here is your clue: you'll find an egg where you take a poo."

Another clue in the bathtub.

Under the sheet on mama's bed.

Finding one on the organ pedals.

Looking, looking for the next egg clue.