Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Love,

 Hey babe, it's your wife here.  Just thought I'd post what's been going on at the home front the last few weeks.  I've slacked off on the "Dear Dad" installments, so I am going to try to make up for it now.  

So basically, you missed this awesome dinner.  Homemade chicken pot pie with puff pastry.  You see how I made that puff pastry into a lattice?  That's like at the level of Martha Stewart.  

Your boys are still cute as ever.  Vessel loves school so much and always comes home happy and excited to share the new things he's learned that day.  I am impressed with his teacher and I think she is doing an excellent job.  I am also excited that Vessel has started to bring home chapter books from the library instead of picture books.  He's growing up! 

Jacob wanted to show off his favorite toys of the day.  His green ring, Wallace, yellow beanbag, Tigey, and a gun created out of Trio blocks.  As you can see, he got his photogenic skills from you.  

We really needed to get out of the house one night so we took a trip into the city to get the best ice cream in Portland.  On our drive there it was pouring rain, and then the clouds opened up in the west and the sun came through and caused a beautiful rainbow to appear overhead.  The kids were so impressed with it!  It was an incredibly beautiful sky.  If I wasn't driving at the time, I would've taken a picture of it for you.  I love walking down 23rd in Portland.  The kids and I had a good time checking out the various shops as we walked to Salt & Straw.  I got 4 compliments about how cute and well behaved our kids were.  That made my night.  Well, the ice cream flavors are what really made my night.

Jacob is always the last to go to sleep at night.  I can hear him talking or singing to himself, moving around on his bed organizing his toys and blankets, and tapping the wall with his foot.  When I came in to check on him a few nights ago, I saw that he adjusted his stuffed toys to hang above him from the upper bunk.  He refers to his four stuffed animals as his "beebees" and has named them all.  Tigey, Wallace, George, and Scout.    

We had a few warm days with blue sky, so we took advantage of the weather by taking a walk.   

And we stumbled upon a new playground we had never been to before.  

We admire this house every time we walk by it.  

The kids love to draw with sidewalk chalk when it's nice outside.  

Jacob is becoming quite the artist. 

 Vessel and our neighbor, Jacy found a fuzzy black and orange caterpillar when they got off the bus after school.  I gave them a jar to put it in, and they agreed that they would share the pet and take turns keeping it at their houses.  Unfortunately the little creature died after 2 days.   

 The boys and I jazzed up the living room with fun Halloween decorations.  

 Jacob and Haven's favorite pastime as of late, is building guns with the Trio blocks.  I don't know if it just something these boys inherently know how to do, or what.  I sure didn't teach them.  But they enjoy building guns and then shooting the "bad guys."  Jacob says he wants a real gun for Christmas.  Aye!

Toddlers gone wild!

 There was a week that it rained for about 4 days straight.  I think this must've flooded the ants so they've been seeking refuge in our house.  We've had quite the ant problem ever since. 

 We went to the Barnes & Noble to look for some new books and ended up in the toy section.  Check out this "Meowsic" keyboard. 

 I got to be totally crafty and make lots of awesome projects at Super Saturday, including this fall wreath.  I posted the other projects here

Look at these boys.  Aren't they so cute that you could absolutely roll over and die?  They look so spiffy right before church.

As cute as he his, this little guy always needs a nice nap before church in order to maintain my sanity during sacrament meeting.   

And no nap days means Haven is completely worn out by 6pm. 

 Jacob is our most destructive child, just FYI. 

This is what I sweep up after the kids after one day. 

 I finally got around to letting Jacob paint the piggy bank he got for Easter.  He loves to draw and paint lately. 

Here is the finished product.  He wanted me to paint his name on it, so I did.  I also added the eyes and nose holes.  It's a pretty colorful pig, am I right?

And that's about it!  We miss you everyday and can't wait until we can all be together again!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Dad...

Here I am singing one of the many songs I've made up.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Dad, This week...


This week we watched it rain a lot.  But when it wasn't raining we were riding our bikes or at the park or the school having fun on the playground.  I like to eskercise every day. 

I am so cool that I have to wear my sunglasses indoors....all day.

I made mom laugh with the cute things I said.  Like, "Vessel is beenoying me," or "Oh no, it's broken, but don't worry, I can fisk it."        


This week I got into a lot of mischief.  I really like to play in the toilet and make water messes on the floor.  I also like to climb up on mom's desk and get pens to draw with.  I had a great time using the couch as my canvas.  I also kept myself busy wrestling with Jacob and being a crazy monkey as usual. 


I saw dozens of geese flying in the sky in the shape of a "V" just for me!

At the playground I found the best thing ever: circular monkey bars.  I can just keep going around and around without having to stop!

I love school.  Every day I come home happy and tell mom all the fun thing I get to do.

Today we went on a walk and  gathered leaves, pine cones, and acorns so we could do some nature "research."

We also saw a cool statue.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear Dad, This weekend...

We got some new art for the wall.  :)

We went to 53rd Ave Park with some of our friends.

We had a good time rolling down the hill.  (Check out Jake in particular.  So funny.)

 And then our friends had a sleepover.  

I decided that I'm ready to be "potty trained."  Mom seems excited about my new found interest in the toilet.    

I've been trying to kill myself by jumping off the top rung of the bunk bed ladder.  

We actually got along for a brief amount of time while Vessel read a book to me.